Posted on March 3, 2013

seg-001Born and educated in the Philippines, Susan was initially involved in politics and then moved into the commercial sector where she has specialized in Management and administration of Information Technology enterprises.

Susan was undergone significant postgraduate studies and aligned work within the Information Technology and management sectors to ensure that she possesses both the theoretical and practical attributes to nurture and direct her business concerns.

Over the last 12 years Susan has been the pivotal and driving force in the marketing and management of her family’s ventures. During this time Susan has been involved in a diverse range of enterprises in a variety of countries.

Susan’s current business interests include property, agricultural and increasingly information technology ventures.

Susan’s genuine interest in improving the plight of the poor by empowering them to achieve has brought about a range of innovative internet ventures designed to facilitate the introduction of the developing world to the developed world as equals and for mutual benefit. Susan is looking forward to sharing her insights into current developments and trends from a holistic and unbiased position.

Current positions held:

Volunteer at St Helens Child and Family Centre Australia

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